Duplication Checking


Are you wondering which duplication checking method you should use for your poll? Here is some information to help you with your decision.

Straw Poll offers 3 different choices for Duplication Checking which are normal duplication checking, permissive duplication checking and no duplication checking.

Normal Duplication Checking

Selecting Normal Duplication Checking is the most secure method to ensure vote accuracy. It will block all duplicate votes based on the IP address of the user.


Permissive Duplication Checking

Selecting Permissive Duplication Checking will block duplicate votes based upon the browser of the user. This does allow multiple votes from the same IP address. However, the users would have to vote from seperate devices. 


No Duplication Checking

Selecting No Duplication Checking is the least secure method to ensure voting accuracy.It will disable the duplication system all together. This means that users can vote as many times as they would like.


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